Production of Quilted Material

Quilting drapery mostly with wadding /high heated tubular fiber/ has the longest tradition in our company. We put a strong emphasis on quality of used material. LEVI´S, Vanity Fair, Oetcher, Litz, and many others rank among our most regular and satisfied customers.

Based on your requirements we can quilt different kinds of textile drapery or cuttings. There are about 100 kinds of quilting patterns and if you do not choose from these, we can quilt the design you suggest. When choosing particular quilting design, it is necessary to pay attention to suitability of their combination.

How to order quilting? What questions can you come across?

A/ Who delivers the material?

When quilting one side you can choose from the following:

1/ Material BTA SR, s.r.o. + wadding BTA SR, s.r.o.
2/ Material Client + wadding BTA SR, s.r.o.
3/ Material BTA SR, s.r.o. + wadding Client
4/ Material Client + wadding Client

When quilting both sides you can also choose from combination of material BTA SR, s.r.o. and material Client. Maximum width of material can be 210cm when quilting one side and 200cm when quilting design different from straight longitudinal lines.

B/ Qulting one side or both sides?

Quilting one side, material + wadding, is marked SF SN + type of the design/number of the pattern written in the right bottom corner of the technical sheet.

e.g. SF SN 10/4 = one-sided quilting with the design 10/4 = diagonal squares 5 x 5cm

Quilting both sides, material + wadding + material, is marked DF SN + type of the design/number of he pattern written in the right bottom corner of the technical sheet.

e.g. DF SN 12/4 = both-sided quilting with the design 12/4 = diamonds 10 x 10cm

Designs are marked as SN and straight longitudinal lines are marked as RL. Possibilities of straight quilting are set by the gaps between needles 2.5cm and its multiplicities /2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, … /

e.g. SF RL 10/10 = one-sided quilting of straight lines with gaps of 10cm

C/ What design to quilt?

1/ 1/ Design BTA SR, s.r.o.
2/ Design Client

D/ What material to quilt?

1/ 1/ Material BTA SR, s.r.o.
2/ Material Client

E/ What wadding to use?

1/ 1/ Wadding BTA SR,s.r.o./
2/ Wadding Client

F/ What color of threads to use for quilting?

1/ Thread tone in tone with superficial *
2/ Contrast thread

*If the superficial material is of more colors, it is necessary to determine which color to use for quilting the material.

G/ Is non-woven interlinings going to be used in quilting?

1/ yes
2/ no

H/ What stitches to use when quilting?

1/ 2-thread tight-stitch / - - - - - - - - /
2/ 2-thread chain-stitch / ooooooooooooooo / - suggested when half/rock-washed

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